Recently, the list of winners of Ramon Magsaysay Award-2022, the famous Nobel Prize of Asia, has been published. Four people have been included in this year’s list.

Among the award recipients is a child rights lawyer from the Philippines. Also receiving the award this year were a psychiatrist who treated traumatized survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia and an environmentalist who cleaned up rivers in Indonesia.

Each will receive a certificate and a medal in the likeness of the seventh Philippine president, posthumously dubbed the ‘People’s Idol’.

Former Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay died in a tragic plane crash on March 17, 1957. The award was introduced the following year to honor people who are selflessly working for the people of Asia.

The foundation that awards the prize announced this year’s four winners online on Wednesday.

One of the winners this time is 54-year-old psychiatrist Sothera Chim. Around 2 million people are alleged to have been killed during the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia in the 1970s. Sothera Chim is one of the survivors of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime.

This Sothera Chim later volunteered for the oppressed during the Khmer Rouge regime. Many survivors of that torture suffer from ‘Broken Courage’ Syndrome; Which is a lot like post-traumatic stress disorder.

In an interview with AFP, Sothera Chim said that working with trauma survivors and listening to people’s stories of suffering was not an easy task. Because their stories keep reminding me of my own trauma. Yet the more people I can help, the healthier I become.

Sothera Chim also testified at the UN-backed tribunal in the trial of several senior Khmer Rouge leaders.

Gary Benchegib, a 27-year-old French environmental activist and filmmaker, received the award for his efforts to clean up Indonesia’s polluted waterways. Benchegib and his brother built a special type of boat out of plastic bottles and bamboo to clean up the garbage in the Citarum, one of the world’s most polluted rivers.

64-year-old Filipino doctor Bernadette Madrid received the award for her work in protecting children who are victims of domestic violence. On the other hand, 58-year-old Japanese ophthalmologist Tadashi Hattori received an award for free eye surgery in Vietnam. Access to this type of treatment is limited in Vietnam.

Tadashi Hattori has been named the embodiment of personal social responsibility by the Magsaysay Award Foundation.

The award will be presented to the winners in Manila next November.

(September 1)