No matter how many strange things happen in this strange world. But have you ever heard that donkeys have been taken to court instead of people on charges of wood smuggling! Even if you haven’t heard, such a strange incident happened in Chitral, Pakistan.

Five donkeys were produced before the Assistant Commissioner of Chitral in a case related to timber smuggling, according to the country’s news media Geo News. Earlier, the donkeys were taken into custody by the police, later they were produced in the court of Drosh Assistant Commissioner Tausifullah for their involvement in wood smuggling in Chitral’s Drosh area.

The Assistant Commissioner summoned these five donkeys as assets in the timber smuggling case. After the investigation, the donkey and the wooden slipper were handed over to the forest department officials.

The assistant commissioner said these donkeys are safe and have not been handed over to anyone. Donkeys are no longer used for smuggling.

The court was satisfied that the donkeys were in the custody of the authorities concerned.

(22 October)