A vehicle of firefighters plunged into a ravine on Monday during rescue efforts from a raging forest fire in northern Morocco. Three members of the General Director of Civil Protection were killed in this. News from Morocco World News.

Local authorities in the province said two other rescuers were seriously injured during the incident.

Local services transferred the injured to a special care unit in Tangier to receive the necessary medical care.

A forest fire broke out in the province on Monday, causing danger to both the authorities and residents of the region.

The services mobilized human resources and logistical equipment to fight the fire. A fire fighter jet was also used at the scene.

Around 90 hectares of forest have been damaged in the fire so far. Efforts are underway to extinguish the fire. The fire also destroyed a large part of the land and other properties of the locals.

Four people have been arrested on suspicion of starting the fire in the preliminary investigation. The suspects are in custody.

Morocco has witnessed a series of wildfires in several regions over the past week, including Ouezanne, Tazza and Tétouan.

Although drought and high temperatures are widely believed to contribute to wildfires, human activities are also considered a major factor in most forest fires.

Natural causes accounted for less than 5 percent of all fires, the country’s environmental expert Saeed Jubi said in July. Human-caused errors are believed to have contributed to most of the fires reported across Morocco in recent weeks.

Human-caused errors include dropping cigarette butts, lighting fires, and cooking, among others.

(August 17)