Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin attended a party with friends. When a video of the dancing time at that party went viral on social media, he faced a lot of criticism.

BBC reported this information in a report.

In the video spread on social media, Sanna Marin is seen dancing with some stars and friends including Finnish singer Alma.

On the other hand, opposition parties have accused Sanna Marin of taking drugs. They demanded a drug test of Sanna Marin.

However, Sanna Marin has denied the allegations of taking drugs. He said that he only drank alcohol.

About that video, he said, he knew that he was videoed, but he was disheartened by the release of the video.

According to him, ‘I danced, sang, partied – these are completely legitimate things. I have never been in a situation where I saw or heard of others taking drugs.’

He said, ‘We have a family life, work life and free time to spend with friends. I live like many people my age.’

“So far I want to stay as I am. I hope, I will be accepted as such.”

Miko Karna of the Center Party, part of Marin’s coalition government, said in a Twitter post that voluntary drug testing would be a wise decision for the prime minister.

However, Sanna Marin said she has no objection to drug testing.

(19 August)