Will this sweet potato be good?’ Buyers and sellers at Chennai’s Mylapore market were shocked to hear the question of a woman picking sweet potatoes from a basket on the roadside. Oh, the country’s finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman! Like ordinary people, he is also in the vegetable market!

On Saturday, the Indian Finance Minister suddenly stopped the car and went to the market to buy vegetables during his visit to Chennai. Talked to the people present in the market. He is also seen buying some vegetables. Discussions started when the finance minister’s office shared photos and videos of the incident on social media. In whose hands is the burden of the country’s economy, could he go to the market and see the condition of the people? That’s the question of the netpara.

The Union Finance Minister of India went to Chennai on a one-day visit on Saturday. According to Indian media sources, Nirmala Sitharaman stopped the car in the middle of that visit on Saturday evening and went to Mylapore Bazar in Chennai. Like us, he also buys vegetables of his choice. Mango citizens who came to the market also came forward to talk to the Union Finance Minister.

A video of about one and a half minutes of the Indian Finance Minister’s market visit was shared on Twitter by his office. They said, ‘Finance Minister went to Mylapore market during his visit to Chennai and talked to the vendors and locals. He also bought some vegetables.’

In the video shared by the finance minister’s office, Nirmala is seen picking sweet potatoes from a basket with her own hands like five other mango citizens in the market. Talking to the shopkeeper. Nirmala Sitharaman is seen smilingly talking to the mango crowd present in the market. Apart from sweet potatoes, he also bought some South Indian special vegetables on this day.

The video of the Finance Minister’s visit to the market created a storm of discussion. Many have raised the issue of price increase. Many have praised this initiative. Someone wrote on Twitter, “I don’t remember any finance minister going to the store and buying vegetables like this before.”

Many have also commented that Nirmala is close to the ground despite being the finance minister of a country like India. Before heading to the market, the Union Finance Minister also inaugurated a school for children with special abilities in Chennai on Saturday.

(October 9/AJ)