UNHCR reported that a light boat carrying Rohingyas floating in the sea for several weeks has sunk. As a result, the United Nations Refugee Agency fears the death of 180 Rohingyas on that boat.

According to the news agency Reuters, last November, a group of Rohingyas from a refugee camp in Bangladesh were stranded at sea with the almost unfit boat.

According to unconfirmed sources, UNHCR said the boat carrying Rohingyas may have sunk after disappearing at sea. Their relatives have lost contact with the Rohingyas there. As a result, they are presumed dead.

In August 2017, Rohingyas flocked to Bangladesh from the country’s Rakhine province to survive the systematic torture and persecution of the Myanmar army. More than 1 million Rohingya refugees are staying in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar along with the Rohingyas who arrived at that time.

These refugees sheltered in Bangladesh try to go to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia-Indonesia by sea. The news about the rescue of Rohingyas from the sea came in the international press.

Earlier this December, the Sri Lankan Navy rescued 104 Rohingyas floating off the country’s western coast. The last boat carrying Rohingya is believed to have sunk near Malaysian waters.

(26 December/DM)