The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided former US President Donald Trump’s house to find documents related to nuclear weapons. This information is said in a report of the American media Washington Post.

However, the Washington Post did not say whether it was possible to recover any documents related to nuclear weapons.

Last Thursday (August 11), the country’s law ministry approached the court seeking permission to publish the FBI’s search warrant.

The court ruling means the public will soon learn more about what investigators were looking for in the FBI’s unprecedented search of Trump’s home.

According to the Law Ministry, some of the documents that Trump has removed include some ‘top secret’ documents. Besides, the Law Ministry has also requested permission to publish the amended receipts of the seized items from that house.

The move comes after the Law Ministry termed the FBI raid on his home as ‘political revenge’.

On the other hand, the current Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a press conference that he was the one who gave permission to search Trump’s house.