Photo: Newsweek

Father killed about 70 women in thirty years! An American woman has made such a sensational claim. Not only did he call his father a serial killer, he also claimed to bury the bodies with the help of his siblings.

The woman, Lucy Studi, told US magazine Newsweek, ‘I know where the bodies are buried.

Lucy had been telling this story about her father for 45 years. But no one ever cared about him. Merely telling stories would pass by. However, cadaver dogs identified suspected human remains at spots identified in a remote area of ​​western Iowa, US investigators said.

‘I know where the bodies are buried,’ Lucy Studi told Newsweek. He even describes how they were killed.

Lucy also recounts how her father, Donald Dean Study, would order her and her siblings to help transport the bodies.

According to him, bodies were buried using a wheelbarrow in the warmer months and a toboggan in the winter. He would only tell us to go to the well. I knew what that meant. Every time I went to the well or the mountain, I didn’t feel like I was coming down. I thought he was going to kill me because I wouldn’t keep my mouth shut.’

Lucy also said that when she threw the bodies into the well, they would lie on top in a pile of dirt.

Donald Dean Study died in 2013 at the age of 75.

Many of Donald’s victims were buried in wells about 100 feet deep. Many of them were wearing expensive clothes and jewelry, he said.

Fremont County Sheriff Kevin Astrop said a thorough investigation is underway to determine the validity of his claim. Observations by two dogs taken to the scene suggested the possible presence of decomposing remains in the area of ​​the well. We don’t even have any bones at this point. Observations by the dogs suggest that the place is a very large burial ground.

According to law enforcement authorities, Donald Studi raped the women prior to the murder. Most of his female victims were sex workers or transients, brought in from Omaha, Nebraska. Donald Dean Study would become one of the most notorious serial killers in American history if proven in the investigation.

‘I want these places excavated and public access banned,’ said Lucy Studi. Also every murdered woman should be properly buried. The next step is to excavate the sites to search for human remains using sonar technology.

(October 26)