Speaking at an economic forum in the Pacific city of Vladivostok in Russia’s far east, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the West had failed and the future of the world was in Asia.

Putin made the remarks in an effort to underscore Russia’s tilt toward Asia. Reuters news.

Speaking at the forum, he said of the military operation in Ukraine, all of Russia’s actions were designed to strengthen the country’s sovereignty and were aimed at helping people living in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. Russia has gained, not lost, from the conflict in Ukraine. Because Russia is embarking on a new sovereign path that will restore its global influence.

Putin has called the Ukraine conflict a ‘special military operation’.

In keynote speeches, Putin barely mentioned Ukraine beyond a reference to grain exports. But when a moderator asked if anything was lost from the conflict. Putin replied that Russia had not lost anything but had gained and would emerge anew.

Since 1999, Putin, the supreme leader of Russia, has been saying, ‘We have not lost anything and we will not lose anything. Unnecessary, harmful and anything that prevents us from moving forward will be rejected. In terms of what we have achieved, I can say that strengthening our sovereignty is the main gain. What is happening now is the inevitable result. It will ultimately strengthen our country from within.’

He admitted, however, that the conflict had initiated ‘a certain polarization’ both in the world and in Russia.

Putin told the West in July he was just getting started in Ukraine and dared the United States to defeat Moscow. Because the US enjoys economic and conventional military superiority over Russia. But that attempt of the West will also fail.

(September 7)