Europe is currently very dependent on China for technology and should be wary of this dependence. Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin made the remarks at Slush, an annual startup event in Helsinki on Thursday. Reuters news.

“Let’s be honest, we already have weaknesses,” Marine said in a speech. As we see when we look at chips or semiconductors, we are very dependent.’

Europe has lessons to learn from its reliance on Russian energy, which led to Europe’s ongoing energy crisis as well as lack of medical supplies during the Covid pandemic, Marin said.

He added, ‘We need to ensure that we have the capacity and know-how to develop these technologies. Besides, we should not be dependent on China and other autocratic countries.’

Marine called on Europe to invest more in its own development of new areas of technology such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

‘I am really concerned about this technology part because I fear we are making the same mistake with technology and digital solutions and we need raw materials to create these technologies, he added.

(17 November)