Europe’s politics and diplomacy have changed in many ways around the ten-month-long Ukraine-Russia war. EU countries are desperately looking for alternatives to Russian energy. On the other hand, the role of US-led military alliance NATO has also been questioned. In this situation, French President Emmanuel Macron called on Europe to reduce its dependence on the United States for security.

A report published in the Wall Street Journal said, “The French president said that peace in war-torn Ukraine requires Europe to take a stronger role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, reduce dependence on the United States and develop its own defense capabilities.”

Macron told reporters on his way back to Paris from a summit in Amman, Jordan, that he did not see his efforts to develop European defense as an alternative to NATO reflected. A strong Europe would allow the continent to be more autonomous within the alliance, ‘within NATO, with NATO but not dependent on NATO.’

“An alliance is not something I should rely on,” McHone added. It’s something I should choose, something I work with. We must reconsider our strategic autonomy.’

Analysts say McMahon is walking a fine line. He has already urged Ukraine and some of its allies to end the war in Ukraine and prevent the conflict from spreading across Europe. He even called on the West to provide security guarantees to Russia as part of any negotiations.

On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with President Biden at the White House and addressed a joint session of Congress. The high-profile visit is an attempt to shore up political support in the United States, which has provided more weapons than its European allies to counter Russian aggression.

“Europe needs to gain more autonomy over technology and defense capabilities with the United States,” McHone said.

The war in Ukraine has largely united Western allies in opposition to Russia and underscored NATO’s importance in defending the continent. The United States and Europe have sent forces to the east of the alliance to bolster its defenses and help Ukraine retake territory it seized by supplying it with heavy artillery and other weapons, despite not being a NATO member.

But providing large quantities of heavy artillery for an inconclusive war is a costly endeavor. The United States, France and Germany are under pressure for new production after reducing their own weapons stockpiles.

The ongoing war is opening new doors for diplomacy between Russia and the West that McConnell is trying to open. He went to Washington to discuss the war with Biden. He told French TV shortly after the meeting that the two leaders discussed “security frameworks for their future accommodation”. That means, as President Putin has always said, we must address the fear of NATO approaching and deploying weapons that could threaten Russia.’

(22 December)