Ireland’s Member of the European Parliament, Clare Daly, has said that Western policies and activities are trying to erase their stigma from the suffering and disaster they have caused in West Asia. He said, the European Union is trying to wash away all their misdeeds, crying out. He said in a tweet, ‘Decades of despotism and misrule by the US and Europe in the Middle East have only led to the spread of terrorism, coups, aggression and proxy wars, resulting in endless suffering and disaster for the people of the region. Yet now we see the European Union trying to wash away all their misdeeds, clutching their chests and wondering how to restore stability to the region! Which is nothing but a joke.

The member of the European Parliament strongly criticized the destructive policies of the West due to the presence of Western countries in the West Asian region and the disastrous situation that has been created as a result of their policies and actions. His criticism is consistent with criticism of Iran, China and Russia against the West’s international rivals, particularly the US. Russia has repeatedly said that it is interfering in the internal affairs of the people of West Asia without regard to their religious values ​​and traditions and trying to impose its own style of democracy in those countries, which has led to the spread of terrorism and instability in the region.

Moscow and Beijing have always accused the West of dominating the world and forcing their values ​​on others. Officials from both countries have opposed Western intervention in countries such as Syria, Libya and Iraq.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the events of the last few years show that terrorism has spread in West Asia due to Western intervention. Even many officials of the European Parliament have admitted this.

26 November/ES