UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is visiting Russia, met Russian President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg. Leaders at the meeting hailed relations between the two countries and the recent decision by oil-producing countries to limit production as key to stabilizing global energy markets. Al-Jazeera news.

Putin described the relationship between the two countries as an important factor for stability in the region and the world at the start of Tuesday’s talks, despite current problems in international relations.

Despite pressure from the United States and other countries, the Russian leader last week cited MBZ’s support for the OPEC Plus group’s decision to cut Russia’s oil production by two million barrels per day.

Putin said, ‘Our decision… is not directed against anyone. Our actions are aimed at ensuring stability in global energy markets, helping both consumers of energy resources and those working in production and supply to feel calm, stability and confidence, helping balance supply and demand.’

OPEC Plus’ decision to cut production to boost prices has angered Western nations. Many saw it as a move that would help Putin finance Russia’s military efforts in Ukraine. There is also a risk of lower production due to rising gasoline prices between President Joe Biden and Democrats ahead of critical US midterm elections.

The UAE maintains close trade ties with Russia and has sought to refrain from joining sanctions imposed by the United States and other Western allies in response to Moscow’s aggression in Ukraine.

UAE state news agency WAM said MBZ met with Putin amid a war-like situation in Ukraine. During the meeting, they discussed ways to contribute to strengthening the foundations of world peace and stability as well as de-escalate tensions and find diplomatic solutions to the crisis. His country’s goal is to contribute in this regard. The two leaders also reviewed several regional and international issues and developments of common concern.

(October 12)