The US Embassy in Dhaka has asked to be cautious after a gang of brokers was recently arrested by the police in the name of giving American visas. In addition, the submission of false information and documents in the visa application may not only result in visa rejection, but also disqualification of the applicant, which will prevent future travel to America. The US Embassy in Dhaka said this in a statement on Friday.

Police in coordination with the US Embassy in Dhaka have arrested six persons who fraudulently sold entry and exit stamps on passports to US visa applicants, the statement said. US visa applicants are responsible for the information they provide on the visa application, the documents they provide at the interview.

Guidance for visa applicants says to first review the information on the US Embassy website. Being prepared for their interview with any supporting documentation, giving truthful answers during the visa process and interview.

US visa applicants are also encouraged to complete their own application online Because all the information needed to make an application can be found on the embassy’s website. Warn prospective applicants that submission of false information and documents may result in not only visa denial but also ineligibility.

(January 20)