The country’s central government has banned a total of eight YouTube channels, including one from Pakistan, on allegations of anti-India propaganda.

The country’s Central Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said on Thursday that the eight YouTube channels have been ‘blocked’ for allegedly spreading false and untrue information about national security, foreign relations and the country’s law and order situation.

One of these channels is from Pakistan. The rest are all from India. The combined viewership of the eight channels is around 114 crores. Apart from this, the Center said on Thursday it had ‘blocked’ two Facebook posts and a Facebook account on charges of ‘anti-India propaganda’.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting released a statement saying, ‘This step has been taken according to the amended Information Technology Act of 2021. The center claimed by publishing the list of eight banned YouTube channels, besides running disinformation, the allegations of spreading false news by copying the ‘logo’ of popular TV channels against some of the banned YouTube channels have been found.

Since December last year, the Center has closed hundreds of YouTube channels on the charge of spreading false information.

(18 August)