People standing in line to collect water from pump

After the Russian missile attack in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, 270,000 homes are without electricity. 40 percent of people are in water shortage. After hitting the main facilities, there was a queue for water.

City mayor Vitali Klitschko gave this information in the evening after Monday’s attack.

Ukraine said 13 people were injured in the nationwide attack.

Russia says the attack targeted Ukraine’s military control and power systems and hit all targets.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that he had partially responded to the attack on a Russian warship over the weekend.

In the evening, Ukraine’s military said it shot down 45 of the 55 missiles launched.

For security reasons, the destruction of critical infrastructure by Russian airstrikes in Ukraine is rarely shown to the outside world.

Street lights were shut off in Kiev after the attack.

Long queues were seen across the city, as residents lined up to collect water from pumps after their own supply lines were severed.

Zelensky said in his evening address that work continues to reconnect service.

Russia did not have missiles to destroy the “will to live of Ukrainians,” he said in a protest message.

Apart from the capital, other areas affected by the attack include Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Zaporizhia.

Ukrainian officials said 18 services – mostly power generators – in 10 regions were hit by missiles and drones.

One of the missiles was shot down by Ukrainian air defenses in a border town with Moldova, damaging homes but causing no casualties.

Moldova later said a Russian embassy employee in Chisinau had been asked to leave its territory. However, the identity of the person was not mentioned.

(October 1/FA)