Britain is burning in a severe heat wave. Meanwhile, the source of the country’s famous river Thames has also dried up. Amid the ongoing hot and dry weather, people’s water consumption is being restricted. Meanwhile, the British government has officially declared drought conditions for parts of southern, central and eastern England on Friday. Reuters news.

England has seen its driest July since 1935. Emas receives only 35 percent of the average rainfall. A four-day ‘extreme heat’ warning has now been declared for parts of England and Wales.

After a meeting of the National Drought Group, Water Minister Steve Double said in a statement, ‘All water companies have assured us that the necessary safe water supply is still maintained. We are better prepared than ever for dry weather. However, we will continue to closely monitor the situation, including the impact on farmers and the environment. Take further action if necessary.’

Water agencies will now begin formulating pre-agreed drought plans to help protect supplies. The government has urged traders in drought-hit areas to use water judiciously.

The last drought in England was in 2018.