The delivery man was shot after the altercation over the exchange of torn 200 rupee notes. Recently, such an incident happened in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, a neighboring country in India.

According to Indian media sources, a 21-year-old pizza delivery man in Uttar Pradesh was shot and injured by two customers after he refused to exchange a torn Tk 200 note. The victim’s name is Sachin Kashyap. He was rushed to a local district hospital in critical condition. Later, he was taken to a special medical center in Bareilly.

Police said his condition is critical. An FIR has been lodged against accused Nadeem Khan (27) and his brother Naeem (29). These two were arrested and a domestic pistol was recovered from them.

A young man named Nadeem ordered a pizza over the phone at the moment the shop closed at 11 pm on Wednesday. After receiving the order, Sachin went to deliver the pizza to the customer’s house in Bareilly. He also had a friend with Sachin. Sachin and his friend came with money to Nadeem with that pizza. Nadeem gave Sachin a 200 rupee note.

Then Sachin went to a roadside shop to buy cold drinks. He used the Tk 200 note given by Nadeem to buy cold drinks. But the shopkeeper said that the money was torn. Later, he went to Nadeem’s house to change the money.

When he goes to Nadeem, he asks Sachin what happened. Then Sachin told Nadeem that the money should be changed. Because, they paid money. Hearing this, Nadeem claimed that he did not give the money. It is also alleged that he abused Sachin. When the two were arguing about this, Nadeem’s brother Naeem came out. Sachin also requested him to change the money. At that time Naeem allegedly took out a country gun and fired at Sachin.

Neighbors informed the police after hearing the gunshots.

The police came and rescued Sachin and sent him to the district hospital. But as his condition was critical, he was admitted to a private hospital.

Police have arrested two accused brothers.

(26 Aug)