Death Valley, also known as Death Valley, is a desert valley in the US state of California bordering Nevada. This region is known as the driest region in the world. Recently the area has seen floods due to heavy rains. Meteorologists and park officials say this is the first flood seen here in 1,000 years. News from The Guardian.

The floods have submerged roads in the region, damaged infrastructure and swept away vehicles.

The dry valley received about an inch and a half of rain on Friday, which is close to the park’s one-day rainfall record.

According to experts at NASA’s Earth Observatory, the region saw about 75 percent of the average annual total in just three hours during the heavy rainfall.

Hundreds of visitors and staff at Death Valley National Park were trapped in the water, according to park officials. All roads are impassable.

National Weather Service Las Vegas meteorologist Daniel Burke described the event as the first in 1,000 years.

But such rare occurrences are slowly increasing. According to scientists, the possibility of such events is increasing due to extreme weather and climate crisis in the arid areas of Western America. Global warming is increasing the likelihood of strong, destructive storms even during the dry season.

The desert basin is the driest place in North America and known for having higher temperatures than anywhere else on Earth.

However, no casualty was reported in the flood.

Death Valley has been on the list of the world’s worst hot spots for the past century. But there was also a wild situation. This is the third time it has rained in Death Valley in the last 86 years. The valley has seen rain twice in the last century.