After 86 years in Australia, a man lost his life in a kangaroo attack. The kangaroo was a pet of the deceased.

BBC reported this information. The incident happened in Redmond, about two and a half miles south of Perth.

A relative found the 77-year-old man seriously injured at his home on Monday.

Later he called the local doctors. When the doctors arrived at the house with medical equipment, the kangaroo stopped them. Later the police were forced to shoot. That person also died on the spot.

A police spokesperson confirmed the news to reporters.

There are over 50 million kangaroos in Australia. Its weight is usually 90 kg and height is 2 meters.

Deaths from kangaroos are extremely rare in Australia. This was the first fatality since 1936.

Kangaroos have sharp teeth, claws and strong legs, kangaroo behavior expert Graeme Coulson told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It becomes very fearful when it feels threatened.

Last July, a 67-year-old woman was attacked by a kangaroo while walking in Queensland. The old woman’s leg was broken by the kangaroo attack.

A three-year-old child suffered serious head injuries after being attacked by a kangaroo in New South Wales last March.

In Australia, kangaroo habitat is being severely damaged due to massive urbanization.

(September 13)