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Almost all students get more or less upset when they get low marks in exams. Some do not even dare to insult the teacher in their hearts. But because the number is low, the teacher is tied to a tree and beaten! Such a custom was not heard. However, such an incident happened in the Scheduled Caste Residential School of Gopikander Police Station in Dumka District of Jharkhand, the neighboring country of India.

According to Indian media sources, the ninth grade students tied the government school teacher to a tree in ‘anger’ as to why he was given low marks in the mathematics test on Tuesday.

According to police sources, the teacher gave ‘double D’ grade out of 32 marks to 11 students of class IX of that school. Which is equal to fail. As the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) announced the math results on Saturday, there was excitement in the residential schools. Allegedly, the 11 who were given low marks surrounded the teacher and a clerk. After that he tied them to a tree and beat them.

Police said the teacher’s name is Suman Kumar and the clerk’s name is Soneram Chaure. Nityananda Bhakta, officer-in-charge of Gopikandar police station, told news agency PTI, ‘No FIR has been filed in this incident. The school authorities did not submit any written complaint. I asked the school authorities to submit a written complaint after learning about the matter. But they did not agree to that. The school authorities claim that if they complain to the police, the students may get worse.

Gopikander’s BDO Anant Jha also went to that residential school. He said, there are 200 students in the school. Most of them are involved in this incident. He said, ‘The affected teacher was the headmaster of the school. But for some reason he was removed from that post. Class IX and X have been closed for two days to maintain school order.’

On the other hand, the students complained that the teacher deliberately made them fail. The school clerk is equally responsible for this incident. He uploaded this result on JAC website.

BDO also said, ‘The school authorities could not show the marks of the practical examination and the date of uploading the results on the website. So it is not clear whether students have failed in theory or practical exam. What is initially known is that the students attacked on the basis of rumours.

(31 Aug)