How many marriages can a woman or man have? Most women in the world are generally satisfied with one marriage. It can be two, three, four or a little more depending on the environment, circumstances or events. Although there are four marriage rules for men in Islam. But if a man marries 53 in search of peace of mind, then what will be the matter!

Yes, it is surprising, but this is exactly what Al Abdullah, a citizen of the desert country of Saudi Arabia, has done. The 63-year-old man has had 53 marriages. In an interview given to Saudi MBS television, this shocking information was leaked by the person himself. This marriage of hers has been termed as the ‘Polygamy of the Century’.

Abdullah said, ‘When I first got married, I had no intention of having many marriages. Because in my first marriage I was happy and had a child. But later due to problems I had to decide to get married a second time. I was 23 years old then. Inform my wife of the decision to marry a second time.’

He said, ‘I decided to marry third and fourth when there was trouble between the first and second wife. Later I divorce the first, second and third wives.’ Abdullah claims that he is looking for a woman in his life who can keep him at peace. But he gave fair rights to those whom he married.

Abdullah said that he had married number 53 after a long time. According to him, every man wants to spend his whole life with a woman. But this is not possible with a young woman. Preferably with an older woman. He spent the least amount of time with a wife. The relationship broke up with him after just one night.

Most of Abdullah’s married women are Saudi women. But when he traveled abroad for business, he also married women outside Saudi Arabia to preserve his character. Because he used to stay out for three to four months for business. Abdullah said that he does not want to get married anymore.

(September 12/AH)