The global outbreak of Corona has now reduced a lot. Most countries no longer have strict restrictions like lockdowns. However, the opposite picture is seen in China and Singapore. A record number of people have been diagnosed with corona in the last six months in both the countries.

China has taken strong steps to control the Covid situation. The country has also been seen taking strict measures like zero tolerance policy for Covid. However, despite all these strict restrictions and grinding lockdown, China’s corona situation has been very bad in the last six months.

According to a report by Times Now, China’s Guangzhou province has now become the epicenter of Covid-19. Even in the capital Beijing, education programs have been taken online due to the deterioration of the Corona situation.

As of November 7, the number of corona infections in China has exceeded the record. Till this time, 7 thousand 475 corona patients have been identified in the country. One third of which patients are from Guangzhou province.

There have also been reports of public unrest demanding relaxation of Covid restrictions as the number of cases continues to rise.

On the other hand, the situation in Singapore is also quite deplorable. As of Wednesday, 315 coronavirus patients were in hospital, 29 on oxygen supplementation and 14 in ICU. In total, the number of patients in the last seven days was 2 thousand 599. Earlier on October 18 this number was 8 thousand 243.

Due to the current corona situation, hospital visits in the country have been restricted to 30 minutes for the next two weeks and only two pre-arranged visitors will be allowed to visit patients. One of these will be allowed to be at the patient’s bedside at any given time. The Ministry of Health said that this rule will continue till November 23.

(10th November)