Controversy has been raging for the past few days surrounding a BBC documentary on India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Gujarat riots.

On the one hand, while a ban has been issued on the screening of this documentary in Jawaharlal Nehru University-JNU, complaints have been filed against students after it was shown in Hyderabad University.

In this situation, the spokesperson of the US State Department, Ned Price, said that he was not aware of the content of the documentary when asked about it.

A Pakistani journalist asked Price on Monday about the first episode of the BBC documentary ‘India: The Modi Question’. In response, Ned Price said he knew nothing about the documentary. He also praised Indian democracy.

The second and final episode of the BJP-embarrassing documentary ‘India: The Modi Question’ will soon be aired on BBC television. Before that, BJP supporters have filed an online petition requesting to stop this broadcast.

(January 24/AJ)