Police, Education and Public Services Minister Chris Hipkins is being considered as New Zealand’s new Prime Minister following the resignation of Jacinda Ardern. Because he is the only candidate nominated by the party for the leadership of the ruling Labor Party. The matter will become clearer when he gets the party’s formal support in Parliament on Sunday. News from Reuters, Deutsche Welle.

Jacinda Ardern announced her resignation as Prime Minister last Thursday. After that speculations started about who the new prime minister is going to be. Where Chris Hipkins is the number one consideration.

Chris Hipkins, 44, has been in the Labor Party for more than a century. In 2008, he was first elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) from the party. He was then appointed as the Minister for Covid-19 in November 2020. He is praised by the people of the country due to the various measures taken to combat the corona virus.

Chris Hipkins took over as the country’s police minister in the middle of last year. Apart from this, he is also handling the responsibilities as Minister of Education, Public Service. Served as party leader in Parliament.

Prior to coming to Parliament, Chris also worked as an advisor to the Minister for Education and in the office of former Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Meanwhile, after getting the support of the party, there are still some formalities left for him to become the Prime Minister. Jacinda will formally submit her resignation letter to the Governor General on February 7. The Governor General would then appoint Chris as Prime Minister of New Zealand on behalf of King Charles III.

The newly resigned Jacinda became Prime Minister of New Zealand in 2017 at the age of 37. She was the world’s youngest female prime minister at the time. The country’s general election will be held on October 14.

(21 January/ES)