The US and China are extremely tense over the Taiwan issue. There was a heated exchange during a telephone summit between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping on July 28. It prohibited the entry of ships for conducting live-fire training. A carrier strike group led by the US nuclear-powered USS Ronald Reagan entered the South China Sea at the end of the month. What is the connection between the inexplicable assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who warned that “an emergency in Taiwan is an emergency in Japan as well as an emergency in the Japan-US alliance,” and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan to visit Taiwan? Will the Fumio Kishida government disclose the “truth”?

“There is a growing danger of military conflict between the United States and China around Taiwan.

China shakes, 'darkness' hidden in assassination case Abe's mysterious death and Pelosi's 'plan to visit Taiwan'

A foreign police official said:

As you know, the U.S-China summit call between Biden and Xi lasted for two hours and 17 minutes on July 28. The two had heated discussions in Taiwan and elsewhere. The biggest focus was Pelosi’s planned visit to Taiwan in early August.

Mr. Xi raised his voice and slammed his fist into his desk, exclaiming that he was “resolutely opposed to outside interference” and “playing with fire will surely burn you to death.”
The Speaker of the House is second only to the Vice President in line of succession if the President is incapacitated. China warned that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan would “be a historic occasion for the United States to throw away its traditional ‘ambiguous policy and, in effect, declare ‘direct intervention in Taiwan’s defense.'”.

An official from the Ministry of Defense said, “The United States, China, and Taiwan are all on high alert. The former editor-in-chief of the People’s Daily Global Times, an organ of the Chinese Communist Party, said, ‘Shoot down (Mr. Pelosi’s plane).’ China threatened the White House behind the scenes and said it would attack Taiwan as well. The United States threatened to send a Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier strike group if Pelosi entered Taiwan. will be dispatched to escort fighter units. It’s a volatile situation,” he said.