As China’s zero covid policy eases, corona testing rules have been relaxed. Business activities resumed on Monday in the capital Beijing and other cities. Corona test rules have also been relaxed.

Authorities announced zero covid policy to prevent corona infection in China. Under this, various strict measures are taken including corona public examination. Recently, massive protests started in the country. In view of this, the government started relaxing the corona policy.

Many shops in Beijing have reopened. There is no obligation to show the negative card of 48 hours previous corona test while using public transport.

Meanwhile, Shanghai, known as the country’s commercial hub, was under a two-month lockdown this year. Now residents can visit outdoor places like parks, tourist centers without a recent corona test card.

Neighboring Hangzhou has gone a step further by ending regular public examination rules. However, this rule remains in place in nursing homes, schools and kindergartens.

In addition, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and ski resorts were reopened in Urumqi on Monday. Protests against strict corona policies across the country took a new form after 10 people lost their lives in a fire in Urumqi.

Corona test rules for public transport were also canceled in Wuhan city on Sunday. The first corona was detected in this city in 2019. WHO welcomes China’s move away from zero-covid policy. The Chinese authorities took this initiative after thousands of people took to the streets to demand an end to the lockdown and greater political freedom. Meanwhile, 29 thousand 724 new people were infected with corona virus in China on Monday.

(05 December/DM)