A child is dead and his mother is missing after a massive tornado struck the southern United States on Tuesday.

The Caddo Parish Sheriff in Louisiana said multiple mobile homes and a forest were destroyed in the area.

The sheriff added, “It’s a sad situation.” This is the most unusual thing I have ever seen. The child’s body was found about a mile and a half from where the house was located. The authorities searched through the night to find the mother.

Several structures were damaged and power lines and trees were downed, the sheriff’s office said.

Deputies are going door-to-door checking the well-being of residents as the dangerous storm continues to rage across the central United States. At least 22 injured in tornadoes in Utah

In the first week of November, a series of powerful tornadoes hit the southern US states of Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas.

The United States experiences frequent and often devastating tornadoes. Of these, the Great Plains states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas were hit the hardest.

In December of last year, dozens of devastating tornadoes swept through five US states overnight. At least 79 people died in Kentucky as a result. Fatalities were also recorded in Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois.

(Dhaka Times / 14 December / SAT)