Indian actor Mithun Chakraborty identifies himself as Jaat Gokhara in real life as well as in movies. He also said this in various meetings and gatherings about joining the BJP in March last year. Referring to Mithun, Trinamool leader and actress Sayani Ghosh said that they have prepared carbolic acid to prevent Jaat Gokhra.

Science says, carbolic acid repels snakes. That is why Yuva Trinamool President Saini Ghosh gave that warning to BJP core committee member Mithun Chakraborty on Monday without naming him. However, the BJP claims that the situation in West Bengal has changed after the results of the last assembly polls. Its impact will be seen in the panchayat ballot box.

BJP held a public meeting at Janjhra in Pandaveshwar in West Burdwan district on Saturday. The party’s state president Sukanta Majumder, Mithun and many other district leaders were there. Mithun attacked Trinamool in his speech. The actor claims, ‘If there are free elections, not only panchayats, I am saying loudly, BJP will form the government tomorrow.’

Trinamool held a counter meeting there on Monday. Without naming Mithun, Saini said, ‘Carbolic acid is prepared in homes in Bengal for all types of cowherds.’ Attacking Mithun, Sayani said, ‘Once upon a time there were Naxals. Later Jyoti called Bose ‘Kaku’ and went to the Left. Mamata then called Banerjee ‘sister’. Now going to Delhi and calling Narendra Modi ‘Baba’.

Along with Mithun, Sayani also targeted Sukanth and Padmashibir. In his words, ‘give 2 crore jobs first. 15 lakhs into the account. Then he will give 2 thousand rupees to Lakshmi Bhandar.’ Trinamool government gives Rs 500 to Lakshmi Bhandar project. Sukanth recently claimed that if BJP comes to power in the state, 2 thousand rupees will be given to that project.

BJP’s state leader Krishnendu Mukhopadhyay claimed that the support of the people of the state is with them. He said, ‘Trinamool has been terrorizing BJP workers since May 2, 2021. Vandalized houses, took away the jobs of those who worked in factories, filed false cases.’

Krishnandu warns, ‘But today that situation no longer exists. BJP is in a position to deal with terrorism. Our staff is doing house to house survey. It has emerged that the people of the state are now with the BJP. The upcoming panchayat polls will prove a lot of this.

(29 November/AJ)