Canada will sanction ‘dozens’ of Iranian individuals and entities, including the country’s morality police, as Iranian security forces continue their violent crackdown on anti-hijab protesters. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this on Monday, according to Voice of America.

“We are with you,” Trudeau told protesters and their supporters in Iran. Canadians, along with millions of people around the world, want the government of the Islamic Republic to ‘listen to its people, end the suppression of their freedoms and rights, and allow the women and all people of Iran to live their lives freely.’

In response to a question about the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Trudeau said Canada already had “one of the toughest sanctions regimes in the world” and would do more. We have imposed sanctions on certain IRGC members and will consider any other action related to sanctions.

In January 2020, Ukraine Airlines Flight PS752 was shot down by an IRGC missile minutes after takeoff from Tehran Airport. 176 people were killed, including dozens of Canadians. Since then, the Canadian government has been pressured by several groups, including the opposition conservatives, to take a tougher stance against Iran.

Recent protests have erupted in all provinces of Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini while in police custody.

Amini (22) was traveling with his family from Kurdistan to Tehran. She was arrested by the Irshad patrol on September 13 for wearing her hijab too loosely. He was then transferred to Moral Security Police Station. A few hours later, he was taken by ambulance to Kasari Hospital, where he died on 16 September.

Amini’s family members alleged that after his arrest, he was beaten up in a police van, receiving several blows to the head. The police denied the allegations and said that Amini died of heart attack.

(September 27)