Two weeks after the riots in Brazil, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva fired the country’s army chief. News BBC.

General Julio Cesar de Arruda has been in charge since December 30, just before the end of former President Bolsonaro’s mandate.

President Lula said he suspected members of the armed forces of colluding with the protesters. He has fired dozens of military officers in recent days.

Thousands of Bolsonaro supporters stormed government buildings in Brasilia on January 8.

Several police officers were injured in the violence and the presidential palace, Congress and the Supreme Court were vandalized after rioters made their way. Brazil’s federal police said about 2,000 people were arrested that day. About 1,200 people are still under arrest.

The Supreme Court is investigating what happened that day and included Bolsonaro in the investigation. Prosecutors said the former far-right leader may have incited the riots after posting a video questioning the legitimacy of last year’s presidential election.

He denied involvement in the rebellion by his supporters.

Gen. Arruda was replaced by Gen. Tomas Ribeiro Paiva, a military commander close to the president. He gave a speech earlier this week urging troops to accept the results of the presidential election.

Allegations of fraud in the October election were a driving force for many Bolsonaro supporters to join the protests. Many were also angered by the return to power of President Lula, who was convicted of corruption in 2017 and spent time in prison before his conviction.

Brazil’s Defense Minister Jose Musio said on Friday it was time to focus on the country’s future. He also said that the army as an institution was not involved in the riots.

Jair Bolsonaro is now in Florida. He has been there since refusing to attend President Lula’s inauguration.

(22 January/FA)