Kantilal Bhil is a resident of Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India. He was imprisoned for two years. The young man claimed that he had to go to jail on false charges of rape. Recently released. After coming out of jail, he filed a compensation case of Rs 1006 crore against Madhya Pradesh government.

This includes everything from dealing with business losses to legal expenses. But the most important thing mentioned by Kantilal is the special gift given by the creator is physical union. Being in jail for two years, he could not make that meeting. He demanded compensation for that too.

35-year-old Kantilal claims that his life has been completely turned upside down after going to jail. His mother and wife and children spent days in agony.

Kantilal told an English media in India, “I can’t explain the pain I have had to endure in these two years. Such a situation that my family could not even buy underwear. No clothes are provided. Sometimes it’s very cold in the jail, sometimes it’s very hot.

He said that the lawyer was able to get out of jail by fighting the case without money. He alleged that the police had prepared a completely false case. That false accusation ended the life completely. There are skin diseases. Along with that, various diseases were caught while in jail.

Kantilal has sought damages of Rs 1.1 crore for loss of business, physical and mental suffering, hardship to family, etc. He asked for 10 thousand crores for not being able to have physical intercourse. Apart from this, he has sought a total compensation of Tk 1006 crore including Tk 2 lakh for legal expenses.

Kantilal’s lawyer Vijay Singh Yadav told the media that the compensation case filed by his client against the Madhya Pradesh government will be heard on January 10.

On January 18, 2018, a woman complained that she was going to her brother’s house. At that time Kantilal picked him up. Then they took her to the forest on a bike and gang-raped her. It was on the basis of that complaint that the police arrested Kantilal.

(January 5/AJ)