Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini, 83, made his first public appearance since news of his illness.

On September 17 (Saturday), Qatar-based media Al-Jazeera reported this information. Khomeini attends a Shiite morning prayer. At that time he was physically completely healthy.

Last Friday, the New York Times, citing four people, reported that Khomeini’s health had seriously deteriorated due to stomach pain.

The report also said that he was unable to sit due to serious deterioration of health and his earlier scheduled meeting was cancelled.

The Iranian government or state media have not clarified anything about the report.

Only one local Iranian media denied reports of Khomeini’s illness. According to the media, Khamenei canceled a meeting with experts earlier this month. And last week he participated in meetings with various players.

Although the report published pictures of the players, no picture of Khomeini was published.

Hence the news of Khomeini’s illness gained more acceptance.

Khamenei has been the supreme leader of Iran since 1989. In 2014, he underwent a successful cancer operation.

(September 17)