At least eight people have died while illegally crossing the Rio Grande River bordering Texas.

Al-Jazeera reported this information in a report on Saturday, September 3.

US officials recovered six bodies and Mexican officials recovered two bodies from the river.

The US Customs and Border Protection Department said this in a statement on Friday.

Last Thursday, the issue of crossing the river came to the attention of the officials of both countries. Because it was raining heavily that day. Therefore there was a strong current in the river. And in this strong current, many immigrants try to cross the river and enter the United States.

The United States Border Agency said they rescued 37 injured people from the river. 16 of them have been sentenced to prison. In contrast, Mexican officials jailed 39 people after rescuing them.

The forces of both countries are continuing the rescue operation to ascertain if there are any more casualties.

However, the nationalities of the detained and killed people and where they came from were not mentioned in detail.

(September 3)