At least 15 people have been killed in a bombing at a shrine in Iran. Among the dead are women and children. Another 40 people were injured. The casualties came after an attack on a Shiite shrine in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz on Wednesday.

The news agency Reuters and Qatar-based Al Jazeera reported this information on Thursday, citing Iran’s state media agency IRNA.

According to the report of Iran’s state media, the attack took place at the Shah Cheragh shrine in the southern city of Shiraz, Iran, early Wednesday evening. Three armed men entered the shrine and attacked it. Two of the three attackers have been arrested. There is a fugitive. It is not yet known who carried out the attack. However, they appeared to be members of the IS militant group.

According to a report by Iranian state-controlled media Nour, the three attackers were not Iranian citizens.

“We were preparing for prayers,” one survivor, who was at the scene of the attack, told Al-Jazeera. At that time, I heard gunshots. Then hearing the sound of gunshots, we tried to escape in the other direction. But at such a time I see blood pouring from my body.

The victim and witness of the attack also said, I could not see who was shooting. The shooting started from the street. Then the armed men started moving towards the mosque. At that time, they were shooting whoever they saw in front of them. But I did not see the attackers.

Fawad Ejadi, a professor of global studies at Tehran University, said the gunmen’s intention was to attack worshipers. Members of the IS militant group usually carry out such attacks. Religious buildings were attacked. Whoever is behind this attack will seek refuge with the people of Iran.

Iranian President Ebrahid Raisi has threatened to respond appropriately to the attack.

Note that the city of Shiraz in Iran is a popular destination for pilgrimage and tourism. The last such attack was in April 2008. At that time, 14 people were killed in a bomb planted in a mosque.

(27 October/MI)