The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said in a report that countries in Asia and the Pacific have fallen behind at least two years in the fight to eradicate poverty due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This information was given in a statement from ADB on Wednesday.

According to ADB, by 2030, the number of people in the world’s extreme poverty will fall below 1 percent.

Currently, those whose daily income is less than 1.90 dollars are considered extremely poor. If not for the pandemic, the extreme poverty rate in the region would have dropped by 2.9 percent. But due to the pandemic, it has increased by 5 percent.

ADB Chief Economist Albert Park said that the poor and helpless people have been affected the most due to the Corona epidemic. Even as countries begin to recover from the impact of the pandemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the poor and vulnerable to become self-sufficient.

(24 Aug)