Thousands of migrants have taken shelter in Bitane recently. The country is struggling to cope with them. Meanwhile, there has been an attack on a migrant center in London. The PA news agency reported that armed inmates carried out the attack on Saturday.

News agency AFP reports that 4,000 migrants are being held at the Manston reception center near the south coast of Dover, UK. The capacity of this center is only 1 thousand 600. The UK government has been on the defensive since receiving the report.

A firebomb was also thrown at another reception center in Dover last Sunday by a man. He was later found dead.

It is not known exactly when the disturbance occurred at Harmondsworth Detention Centre, near Heathrow Airport.

The Home Office said, ‘The incident took place during a power outage. However, no one was injured in this incident. There has been a power outage at Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Center and work is underway to resolve the issue. We are aware of a disturbance in the centre. The matter has been informed to the appropriate authorities and they are on the spot.’

It is understood that a group of prisoners left their cells armed with various weapons and went out into the field, PA news agency reported.

Police officers were initially called to the center at 7.45pm local time on Friday, the Daily Mail reported.

The British government is struggling to cope with record numbers of migrants crossing the Channel from northern Europe in small boats.

The government’s Select Committee on Home Affairs was told on October 266 that 38,000 people have made the dangerous journey since the beginning of this year.

Britain’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman drew fury earlier this week after describing the influx of migrants as an ‘invasion’. It also received a rebuke from the new UN rights chief.

Braverman also came under fire for denying asylum to immigrants. He kept many migrants in temporary holding centers for weeks.

Campaigners have threatened legal action against the government over the terms of the Manston facility.

(November 5)