A man sat down to eat dinner. Found ants in food. This started a quarrel with his wife. The end result is the death of the husband at the hands of the wife. Such a strange incident happened in the neighboring country of Odisha, India.

According to the Indian news media Times of India, a heated exchange of words took place between the husband and wife over ants in the rice at night. At one point, the wife suffocated her husband by wrapping a veil around his neck. The local police arrested the woman on the charge of murder.

It is learned that the police took this step after the complaint filed by father-in-law Shashi Bhushan Bagh. Deceased Hemant Bagh (35) worked as a driver. He lived with his wife Sarita, their daughter Hemlata (7) and son Soumya (4).

According to the FIR, Hemant sat down for dinner and Sarita raised rice for him. Later, Hemant sees ants in the rice and asks Sarita for an explanation. There was an argument between them and in anger he strangled her to death.

(Dhaka Times / 25 November / SAT)