An American woman named Verity Beck (39) has been arrested for brutally killing her parents with an electric saw. He is accused of dismembering the bodies after the murder.

Verity Beck has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of third-degree murder and other offenses, NBC News reported. Police said he cut up the bodies of his parents, Reid Beck and Miriam Beck, with an electric saw. Beck was arraigned in a local Pennsylvania court and ordered held without bail.

NBC News, citing Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, said police have yet to find a motive for the gruesome killings, but investigators have found something that appears to be something someone tried to prevent.

The crime occurred in Abington, a town near Philadelphia, and came to light after a police officer visited the Beck house. After not getting any news of the victims for more than a week, one of their relatives came to know about the incident.

Their bodies were found inside the house, police said.

An autopsy showed both her parents were shot once in the head, CBS Philadelphia reported. There were signs of severe trauma and an electric saw was recovered from the scene. Both Reed and Miriam’s body parts were found. Due to which we have to speed up the investigation.

It is also said, ‘The woman left her parents’ body parts in the garbage dump. It is clear from this that he wants to destroy all the evidence of the murder case.

Verity Beck’s brother Justin told the media he believed his parents were killed on January 7. He spoke to them for the last time that day.

Police said they found three handguns inside the house as well as a chainsaw. Two of these guns were registered to Verity Beck.

(January 19)