The practice of naming children after famous people or places is not new. But naming children after street food or food is rare. There is no shortage of foodies all over the world. Also, sub-continental food is highly appreciated all over the world. But no matter how much of a foodie you are, you would never want to name your child after a food.

Recently, a couple in the UK named their child Pakora Rakha. After the issue went viral on social media, widespread discussion and criticism started. Netizens did not show any interest in this.

Ireland’s Newtownabbey restaurant The Captain’s Table has announced the naming of pakoras on Facebook. The restaurant shared a picture of the newborn girl, born on August 24, along with the order receipt of a UK couple. The newborn’s mother named her daughter ‘Pakora’. Because this dish is one of his favorite dishes in the restaurant.

Since they posted this, it has received thousands of shares and tons of comments. Many were fascinated by this. One person wrote, ‘I wish I had your food in the US! A chicken pakora sandwich, yum! And that baby is beautiful. Congratulations!’

Many other users jokingly started renaming their kids with food names. One wrote, ‘My parents named me Scrambled Eggs, my brother Jalapeno Popper – I don’t understand why he’s a weird name to all of you.’

Another user wrote, ‘My mom named me Quesadilla. I had to legally change my name after I turned 18.

Another said, ‘I will name my next two children onion and fry.’

(September 5)