Sohagpur is a small village in Katra block of Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, India. The ‘Badnam’ of this village, no one has ever seen the face of a government job in Sohagpur village since India’s independence. No one ever got a job as a peon in a government office, let alone a big post.

Rakesh Kumar, the youth of Sohagpur village, finally got the first government job in 75 years after ‘badname’! The residents of Sohagpur village are in a festive mood with the joy of getting Rakesh’s job.

According to the Times of India report, 25-year-old Rakesh got a job as a teacher in a primary school in the village. After that, a fight started with him in Sohagpur village. As soon as the news of Rakesh’s job came, sweets were distributed throughout the village.

Happy to get a job, Rakesh said, ‘No one in my village has got a government job in the last 75 years. I wanted to spread this slander.’

Even though Anand is now in life, the struggle Rakesh had to go through before getting a government job was very difficult. He lost his father when he was only 19 years old. After that, Rakesh started teaching village children to meet the cost of education.

This young man prepared for the government job by buying books from the money he earned from teaching tuition. There was no one to help him with money. Rakesh said, ‘Getting a government job was my only dream. That dream made me work hard.’

(28 September/AJ)