Actress Poonam Kaur walks hand in hand with Congress MP Rahul Gandhi. Controversy started when this picture went viral on social media. Poonam campaigned with Rahul in ‘Bharat Joro Yatra’ in Telangana. At that time, the picture of her walking holding Rahul’s hand came to light.

After the release of the film, Poonam has to be a victim of sarcasm. India’s ruling political party BJP has come under attack. ‘Indecent’ comments have been made.

Poonam also answered all of them. In his words, ‘cheap politics is being done with pictures. Despite the fact that the Prime Minister repeatedly talks about women’s power, the kind of comments that have been made about this picture of mine are very reprehensible.”

Poonam also explained why she held Rahul’s hand. The actress claimed that she slipped on the road while walking alongside Rahul on the ‘Bharat Joro Yatra’. Then the Congress MP took hold of his hand.

BJP leader Preity Gandhi tweeted, ‘Rahul is following in his great-grandfather’s footsteps’ after the picture of Poonam holding hands with Rahul came out. BJP-Congress tweet war started around this tweet.

Condemning this comment, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh slammed Preeti as having a ‘sick mentality’. Congress spokesperson Supriya Srinate tweeted to Preity, “Rahul is following his great grandfather to unite this country. Your mental state is not right. This mentality of yours is very harmful for country, family and friends.’

Poonam was born in Hyderabad. Studied fashion designing from National Institute of Fashion Technology. Poonam has acted in many Telugu films. The actress has also acted in Tamil and Kannada films.

(30th October/AJ)