Halloween festival will be celebrated on October 31. There is a lot of excitement in the West around Halloween every year. Their enthusiasm is particularly evident in the making of ‘Jack-O’-Lanterns’. Sweet pumpkin is mostly used to make this special kind of lamp. Every year around Halloween, America’s largest pumpkin growing contest is held by growers. This year was no exception.

The largest sweet pumpkin in American history has recently been revealed. Its weight has been measured at more than 2,560 pounds or 1,161 kg. This giant pumpkin has grown in the garden of a gardener in Minnesota. This year it will make the biggest ‘Jack-O-Lantern’ for Halloween.

This giant pumpkin has been named ‘Maverick’. According to its owner, the pumpkin is named after the character of famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise’s latest movie Top Gun.

Earlier this month, it set the record for the largest American pumpkin by winning the World Championship Pumpkin Wedge-Off in Half Moon Bay, California.

On Friday, a post with several pictures of the pumpkin carving was uploaded to the official Facebook page of Anoka, Minnesota. While sharing the post, they wrote, ‘Progress on carving 2,560 pounds of pumpkins, record-breaking Maverick in Anoka, the Halloween capital of the world!’

An eagle’s face is carved on a giant pumpkin at City Hall in Anoka, Minnesota. The team behind the event is called Anoka Halloween. Anoka is known as the Halloween capital of the world.

(29 October)