Christine Amanpour, a famous journalist of the American news media CNN, has canceled the pre-arranged interview with the President of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi. Amanpour was asked by Ibrahim Raisi to wear a hijab during the interview. Therefore, Amanpour canceled the interview program.

BBC reported this information in a report.

The President of Iran is currently in the United States for the United Nations General Assembly. He was there to give a pre-scheduled interview to CNN.

About the cancellation of the interview, Amanpour said that an aide of the Iranian president asked her to wear a hijab. But she refused to be interviewed wearing hijab.

Raisi’s associates have made it clear to her that the interview will not take place unless she wears the hijab. Hijab is said to be a matter of honor.

Amanpour announced the cancellation of the interview citing the unprecedented and unexpected conditions of such a request.

In a Twitter post, Amanpour said, ‘We are residents of New York. There is no legal obligation or tradition to wear hijab here.’

Later he released a picture. There, she is seen sitting in front of an empty chair without hijab. Raisi sitting on the empty chair was chill.

(September 23)