Luck is everything in the lottery, it’s hard to tell when someone will win. Yet it seems some people are luckier than others. Imagine how lucky a person can win 10 lakhs twice in the lottery 13 months apart! A person in Canada was born with such a forehead.

According to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), a man named Antoine Baini, a resident of Milton, Ontario, Canada, won a jackpot of one million Canadian dollars on September 23. He also won a lottery of 10 lakhs 13 months back.

He bought the ticket at the Milton Convenience Store on Main Street, Olg said.

This lottery has been held in Ontario since 2009. Winners in each of these tournaments have won more than $7.3 billion.

Beiny won the previous lottery in August 2021.

According to a report by UNI, Beini OLG officials tipped him off to win the lottery. At first he couldn’t believe the news.

I thought, ‘Again?’ I was more shocked than winning the first time. I broke the news to my wife, she was very happy.

Beiny plans to use the lottery money to brighten the future of the family’s next generation. He said, ‘I want to ensure that the next generation of my family is happy and established.’

There is no dearth of people trying their luck with lottery tickets. A few days ago, a man in Maryland, USA won a jackpot using numbers from his broken truck odometer, his third jackpot in 27 years.

Many such people regularly buy lottery tickets hoping to change their fortunes.

(October 26)