A mosque in the Indian state of Bihar was submerged for over thirty years due to water from a dam. Recently, after the water dried up due to climate change, the entire building of the mosque has been refloated.

India’s Kashmir Life reported in a report that the mosque was under water for the last thirty years. Only part of the dome of the mosque was visible. As such there was curiosity among local residents as to what it was at all.

The entire mosque is now visible due to the recent subsidence of the dam. As a result, people’s curiosity has also been quenched. Now many people are entering inside the mosque.

An old man of that area said that the name of the mosque is Noori Mosque. In 1979, the dam work started there. The government acquired the entire area for the dam and the residents were relocated. As a result, the movement of people to and from the mosque was stopped. In 1985, the closure process was officially started there. Since then the mosque was submerged in the water of the dam.

The most amazing thing is that the mosque is built according to the 120-year-old architectural style and yet no part of it has been damaged. The height of the mosque is 30 feet.

According to the architects, the mosque may have been built in the Mughal architectural style during the late Mughal Empire in India.

(September 11)