We have read stories of strange horned animals in the story of Rup Katha. Sometimes I have heard stories of people turning into different animals under the spell of an evil witch. In rural Bengal, it is common to play bangs on the head or grow horns. But these are just stories. So, has anyone ever seen a case of people growing horns on their arms? Such a rare incident happened to a 91-year-old woman in Taiwan.

According to a report by the British news media Daily Star, a 7 cm long horn has grown from the arm of a 91-year-old woman in Taiwan. Such cases are very rare. The woman’s doctor wrote in her Facebook post that it was seven centimeters long and four centimeters wide. However, the doctor did not reveal the woman’s name.

He reportedly lives in Changhua City and is being treated at a local Sichuan hospital for abnormal growth.

According to his doctor, Dr Wong Hon Fin, it is called a dermal horn which is a hard conical projection growing from the skin. It is made of compact keratin. The young doctors were surprised to see this. Even I was surprised to see the ‘Fairy World Referral Form’ handed out by her family members.

In Taiwan, locals liken any such growth to fantasy stories of devils and witches.

The medical team conducted some tests at the hospital and noted that the woman had no history of sexually transmitted infections and was not taking any medication.

Dr. Wong said in a Facebook post that the woman was advised to have surgery to remove the strange growth, but she advised the family and young doctors to treat it with medicine.

Earlier, a similar report emerged from China, where a man was said to have a two-inch-long horn growing out of his private parts.

According to the Daily Star, this type of skin rash is usually caused by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), poor hygiene, and a combination of these things.

(18 November)