During the partition of the country in 1947, millions of family members were separated. For 75 long years, many families have not recovered their lost relatives. But using social media, many families have been reuniting their lost relatives in recent times.

Recently, the news agency AFP published a report mentioning the details of such an incident.

According to reports, two brothers named Sika Khan and Sadiq Khan were separated in childhood. Sika was only six months old at that time. And Sadiq’s 10 years.

Elder brother Sadiq migrated to Pakistan during the riots. And younger brother Sika remained in India. For 75 long years there was no contact between the two brothers. Recently, the two brothers were reunited after 75 years with the help of Pakistani YouTuber Nasir Dheelan.

Sitting in a brick house in Bhatinda, a city in Pakistan’s western Punjab province, Sika recalled the Partition. He said, ‘My mother committed suicide by jumping into the river during communal riots. Villagers and relatives raised me.’

About the reunification of the two brothers, 38-year-old YouTuber Dheelan told AFP that he has helped nearly 300 families reunite through his YouTube channel.

Dheelan is a farmer and real estate agent by profession in Pakistan. He said, ‘I do not do such work for income. I do this out of love and passion. I think these events are our own events. Or the events of our ancestors. So to unite these separated people is the fulfillment of the wish of our predecessors.

Sikhs in India are reportedly allowed to cross the border without a visa to visit a temple in Pakistan. The corridor was opened in 2019. Due to the opening of this corridor, separated families have the opportunity to be reunited. By using that corridor, two brothers met in Kartarpur corridor last January.

Sika Khan said about that experience, ‘I couldn’t speak after meeting for the first time. We just hugged each other and cried for a long time.’

About 600 people were present there at that time. Seeing the two brothers crying, many people cried.

In response, Sika said, ‘I am from India and Sadiq is from Pakistan. But we have a lot of love for each other. When we first met, we hugged each other and cried. We do not think about India-Pakistan rivalry. We don’t even think about the politics of India and Pakistan.’

(August 14)