32 peacekeepers lost their lives in UN peacekeeping missions in 2022. All of them lost their lives in terrorist attacks while conducting various missions. The highest number of deaths occurred in the Mali mission known as ‘Minusma’. The United Nations Staff Union released this information on Friday.

The staff union said in a press release that the 32 dead include 28 military and 4 policemen, including a woman police officer. 14 people lost their lives in the Mali mission in 2022. After Mali, the mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo had the highest death toll. Another 13 people lost their lives here.

“Peacekeepers and the civilian workers who work alongside them are at the frontline of the United Nations’ work in the world’s most challenging environments,” said staff union president Aiter Arauz in a press release.

He added, ‘Every malicious attack against United Nations personnel is a blow to peacekeeping, one of the pillars of the multilateral edifice. It is the collective responsibility of the international community to establish appropriate mechanisms to ensure accountability for heinous acts that may amount to war crimes under international law.’

The union said 32 people were killed in 2022. In the last 13 years, 494 UN and related personnel have been killed in deliberate attacks from improvised explosive devices, rocket-propelled grenades, artillery fire, mortar rounds, landmines, armed and continuous ambushes, convoy attacks. All were victims of suicide attacks and targeted killings.

It is also said that among the peacekeepers who died in 2022, 7 from Egypt, 7 from Pakistan, 4 from Chad, 3 from Bangladesh, 2 from India, 2 from Nigeria, Guinea, Ireland, Jordan, Morocco, Russia, Serbia and Nepal. 1 person

(21 January)