The forensic team is examining the bullet spot

Three women, including a friend of the new prime minister, have been killed in a shooting at a cafe in Rome, Italy. Four people were injured in this incident. BBC news.

A residents’ committee meeting of a local block was going on inside the cafe at the time of the incident.

Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri described the shooting as a serious episode of violence.

A suspect (57) has been taken into custody in this incident. He has conflicts with some of the committee’s boards.

Italian media La Repubblica reported that the vice-president of the committee, Luciana Ciorba, was in a cafe in the Fiden district.

He said the gunman entered the bar on Sunday shouting ‘I’m going to kill you all’ before using his pistol. He was reportedly overpowered by other residents before being detained by police.

The injured are believed to be two women and two men, one in critical condition.

Prime Minister Georgia Meloni identified one of the dead women as her friend Nicoletta Golisano. The other women killed were Elisabetta Silengi and Sabina Sperandio.

In a Facebook post offering his condolences to Golisano’s family, Meloni said he will always remember his friend.

‘Nicoleta was a protective mother, a sincere and prudent friend, a woman strong and fragile at the same time’ wrote the Prime Minister.

‘But above all she was a professional with a common sense of responsibility… Nicoletta was my friend.’ Added by Georgia Meloney.

He said, ‘It is not right to die like this. Nicoletta was happy and looked beautiful in the red dress she bought for her 50th birthday party a few weeks ago.’

Meloni also said a shooting range, from which the suspect allegedly stole the gun used in the attack, has been closed and an investigation is underway.

Police have yet to comment on the motivation of the suspect, who has been named by the Italian press but not officially. The attack is not believed to be political.

According to reports, a bitter dispute has been brewing between the suspect and the board of residents of the apartment block for days.

Giorgia Meloni, leader of Italy’s far-right Brothers of Italy party, became the country’s first female prime minister in October.

(12 December/FA)